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FAQs About Home Alarm Service

Home Alarm Wireless Security Force

When you have an hard-wired or wireless system installed in your house, you have the option on whether or not you want to have your residence monitored or unmonitored. If you choose to have it monitored you will subscribe to a home alarm service through a company. This company will provide you with the added protection of knowing someone is helping to keep your residence secure.

The company will have staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Someone will always be there. You do not have to worry about leaving your property unprotected on weekends or holidays. These types of companies never take the day off.

When your system is set up it is going to be programmed to send an alert to the company anytime that the siren is set off. At the same time that this is set up, you are going to be asked to provide the company with one or two telephone numbers. These numbers will be called when the alert is received. This ensures that the siren was not a mistake and that it is a true emergency.

When the numbers are called, if there is no answer, help is going to be sent. If someone does answer the phone, they must provide a password in order to avoid having the authorities sent. If the person does not have the password, police shall be sent to the house. If you are ever faced with an intruder in your house, simply give the wrong password and know that help will be sent to you fast.

Fire, police or rescue will be sent depending upon the type of help needed. Once someone is dispatched to the house, others will be called on your behalf. At the time when your service was set up, you will have been asked to provide emergency contact phone numbers. You can make this a friend, relative or anyone that you wish. They will be called and told that an alert has come in from your residence.

This all happens quickly. By the time the company receives the alert to the time it calls the designated telephone numbers and authorities is generally seconds. A fast response is vital and that is what you get when you have your system monitored. Alarms sounding in neighborhoods often go unnoticed for long periods of time. With a company monitoring, you never have to worry about it being ignored.

The entire set up process is easy and takes very little time. After you sign up, the company will send a signal to ensure that your system is communicating with theirs and that is all it takes to get you up and running. You then just have to provide your contact numbers and your job is done.

A home alarm service along with a system gives you extra security and peace of mind. It is a good feeling knowing that someone is watching out for problems at home when you cannot be there. Though it is even more important to know that help is there when you are home.

Home Alarm Wireless Security Force

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